Board and Advisory Committees

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If you have questions or would like information about CalOptima, please contact us at:


Members with hearing or speech impairments can call our TDD/TTY line at

Ensuring All Voices Are Heard

In addition to being governed by a Board of Directors, CalOptima operates under the guidance of a Member Advisory Committee, OneCare Connect Member Advisory Committee, Provider Advisory Committee and Investment Advisory Committee. These committees meet regularly to make recommendations, review programs, explore issues and discuss how CalOptima can best fulfill
our mission.

Appointed by the Board of Directors, the individuals serving on the committees represent a broad spectrum of members and providers. Along with the Board of Directors, these committees ensure we hear from everyone who is served by CalOptima or is part of our health care delivery network.

Board of Directors Committees

CalOptima’s Board of Directors has two standing committees: the Finance and Audit Committee and the Quality Assurance Committee. Both committees are made up of at least three board members.

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