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COVID-19 Toolkit

The information listed below is available for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). It includes COVID-19 vaccine information and resources they can share with members and community stakeholders through their communication channels and social media pages.

Community-Based Organization (CBO) Toolkit

CalOptima COVID-19 Toolkit CBO Poster

CBO Poster
11 x 17

For display in your office.

CalOptima COVID-19 Toolkit CBO Flyer

CBO Flyer
8.5 x 11

Handout for organization’s members.

CalOptima COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

Common questions and answers regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

CalOptima COVID-19 Vaccine Mythbusters

Vaccine Myth Buster Fact Sheet

Facts vs. Fiction
Information regarding how the COVID-19 vaccines work and their safety.

CalOptima Vaccine Process Fact Sheet

Vaccine Process Fact Sheet

Learn what to expect when you get the COVID-19 vaccine.


Use the links below to view and post videos on your website or social media pages.

CalOptima COVID-19 Explainer Videos

CalOptima COVID-19 Trusted Messenger Videos

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