What Do I need to know about my medicines?

There are risks and benefits to all medicines. Ask your health care team if you do not understand how to take your medicines.

On your medicine list, write down:

  • The names of your medicines

  • Why you are taking each medicine

  • How much to take at a time

  • When to take them each day

  • If you need to take them at the same time each day

  • How long you need to take them

  • What to do if you forget to take them

It is good to know:

  • The possible side effects of your medicines

  • The color and shape of your medicines

  • How to store your medicines

  • How to properly throw away your expired medicines

Find out if you need to:

  • Take your medicines with food

  • Take your medicines on an empty stomach

  • Avoid certain foods when taking your medicines

  • Eat certain foods when taking your medicines

Get important lab work or medical tests done while you are taking your medicines as directed by your health care team.

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