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CalOptima Program for Seniors Leading the Way in Growth and Access

National PACE Association recognizes CalOptima PACE with top distinctions

ORANGE, Calif. (January 31, 2020)

Dedicated to caring for frail seniors, CalOptima’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) was recognized for successfully increasing access to services by the National PACE Association, a trade organization advancing efforts so seniors can continue living in the community. CalOptima PACE achieved a “Supernova” distinction for an average net enrollment increase of more than 10 participants per month and a “Shooting Stars” distinction for growing more than 9% in the fourth quarter of 2019. The National PACE Association includes more than 175 organizations nationwide, and fewer than 10% of member organizations were honored.

Innovative partnerships and community-based medical care contribute to CalOptima PACE’s recent growth. CalOptima PACE expanded by partnering with Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) centers. With access to these centers, more seniors may choose to join PACE and existing PACE participants gain more options to receive adult day health care that suits their culture, location or medical condition. PACE participants can also choose to receive medical care from a community-based physician at the CBAS center or in their home.

Adult day services are an integral part of CalOptima PACE, a community-based program launched in 2013 to deliver coordinated care that helps seniors with chronic health conditions live as independently as possible. The CBAS centers function as satellite locations for the PACE program. The centers can provide most of the core PACE services, such as personal care, restorative therapy, recreational therapy, social services and more, while CalOptima’s main PACE center in Garden Grove maintains responsibility for primary care and care planning.

After a thorough review of service quality, financial stability, operational capabilities and more, the following four centers have been providing expanded, additional access for nearly two years:

  • Acacia Adult Day Services, Garden Grove
  • Anaheim Adult Day Health Care Center, Anaheim
  • Santa Ana Adult Day Health Care Center, Santa Ana
  • South County Adult Day Services, Laguna Woods

“PACE’s expanded access and enrollment growth have been made possible through CalOptima’s partnership with CBAS centers who share our same dedication to quality, compassionate care for seniors,” said CalOptima Chief Medical Officer David Ramirez, M.D. “We are all committed to maintain or improve participants’ health and prevent unnecessary nursing home placement.”

PACE Director Elizabeth Lee said participants enjoy having choices about where and how they receive their health care, with access to PACE physicians in community locations or in their home. “Through the community-based physician option, if getting to the Garden Grove PACE center or one of the four community locations is difficult, participants can request a physician visit at home. The participant will still be seen by a PACE physician and will receive the same comprehensive, coordinated care from their interdisciplinary team.”

About CalOptima PACE

CalOptima is a county organized health system that provides health coverage for low-income Orange County residents. PACE provides health services, rehabilitation, care coordination, nutrition, recreational activities, social services, and administrative support all at one location. CalOptima PACE opened in 2013 and currently serves more than 390 participants.

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