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What is the Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal is a secure online website where you have 24-hour access to CalOptima from anywhere with an internet connection. By having a secure username and password, authorized provider users can access:

  • Verify Member Eligibility
  • Check Claims History
  • Check Authorizations Status
  • Submit Referrals

How to get started

Each provider office must complete and sign the Provider Portal Access Agreement and User Roster and return it to CalOptima prior to access being permitted. CalOptima is using a tiered approach for the registration process. To begin your registration process, please contact Provider Relations at 714-246-8600.

For more information on how to make the best use of the Provider Portal, please download and review the reference materials below.

Provider Portal Training

This training provides an overview to familiarize new users with the features of CalOptima’s Provider Portal, such as accessing member data, checking the status of claims and submitting referrals. For more detailed instruction on how to complete specific tasks, please refer to the Provider Portal Reference Guide.

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